Verhoeven Recordings

We are Verhoeven Recordings

We are a record label that releases awesome music for free. Our amazing artists produce loads of different stuff. From techno to extratone, Verhoeven Recordings has something to offer for everyone.
We also have a concrete factory! Come visit us sometime soon.

Greetings from Peter, Ali and Ivan.

Our Amazing Artists

Arjan Sneijder, our biggest name on Verhoeven Recordings, is a really talented techno producer. He always succeeds to bring dark vibes with his techno bangers and has gained support from quite some names already.
The big label (and concrete) boss himself. Peter started producing big room because he really liked the sound of the infamous Pryda Snare. His first track "Insects" was a massive success, so it received an original video by GoreHub Inc. in less than a few months. In May 2016, he discovered extratone, a genre that would change his life forever. He was finally able to create extreme music, like Merzbow, one of his biggest inspirations.
DJ Riedoe is a new producer and DJ from Australia. He started making trap beats for rappers but became bored pretty fast, so he started combining his slick beats with didgeridoo sounds. Riedoe was inspired by kangaroos and aboriginals. His debut single "Deep in the Jungle" was also the very first release on Verhoeven Recordings.
Marc started making vaporwave remixes of riddim tracks at first, but he became inspired by other genres, such as dubstep and raggatek, pretty quickly. He blew us away with his amazing remix for Arjan Sneijder, so we had to sign him. It's safe to say that he's our most diverse artist from our roster.
Our newest addition to the roster is called MIDDIR. His biggest dream is to become the riddim king. Watch out for this skanking badman. His first track "Hit Me" is coming very soon on Verhoeven Recordings!

Our Amazing Music

You can download all of our music for free below. Every release is up on GoreHub and Soundcloud.
Please take a listen and download if you'd like to. Donate-button is coming soon.

Various Artists - One Solid Year EP
Arjan Sneijder - Kindervriend EP
DJ Verhoeven - Extra Tones EP
DJ Riedoe - Deep in the Jungle